Exbury is not just about formal gardens - it’s so easy to get off the beaten track and go a little bit wild.

Here are some ideas.


Take a walk ….

...around the gardens with its wonderful mix of formal gardens, quiet places, winding garden paths, riverside views, and wild woodlands.  

You can even bring your dog!

Watch the birds... 

... so many species to spot in a variety of habitats.

Enjoy some fun and games….

...in our big open spaces, beautiful play areas or on our log trail.

Spy on….

...dragonflies and damselflies at Dragonfly Pond a designated hotspot for the species.

Join a wild event ....

...we have an annual programme to choose from - devoted to dogs days, Dragonfly Week and more.

Or just lose yourself…

...in one of our many quiet spaces.



From the dragonfly season to the latest on our nesting boxes, get a new perspective on things.


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