Pied wagtail chicks

Glasshouse productivity

16th May 2023

Pied wagtails are the latest to produce chicks in our glasshouse. 

Large Red Damselfly

The Large Red Damselfly

16th May 2023

Large Red Damselflies emerge in the sunshine 


Pond Dipping

13th Apr 2023

More than 70 visitors enjoyed being introduced to what lurks beneath during April in our specially designated Dragonfly Hotspot pond.  


The Dragonfly Season 2022

1st Dec 2022

Exbury has a thriving population of dragonflies and damselflies, so much so that the pond previously known as North Lake has been renamed Dragonfly Pond, and has been nominated by the British Dragonfly Society as a “Hotspot”.


Nest Boxes 28th Nov 2022

28th Nov 2022

There are about 20 nest boxes scattered around various locations at Exbury. Three of us spent a morning cleaning them out. This is a seasonal job as used boxes can contain parasites, which have an adverse effect on breeding success the following season.  It’s also interesting to see what has gone on inside the box.


Fungus Walk 13 Nov 2022

13th Nov 2022

The New Forest is well-known for the richness and variety of its fungi, and Exbury Gardens is no exception. This year’s annual survey produced the usual rich pickings, especially on the lawns and around the bases of trees where bark chippings have been spread, but also widely around the garden in general.