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What to see at Exbury - 17th June 2020

Every week the staff here at Exbury will be compiling their must-sees in the gardens, focusing on a different area or garden each week. We hope that you will be able to use this as a snappy guide when visiting and that our favourite viewpoints, blooms and garden features might become your favourites too.

Focus 17th June: Herbaceous Garden and the gravel path towards Gilbury Bridge

1. The golden tones of summer perennials

Exbury’s Herbaceous Garden changes throughout the summer with a succession of different flowers coming into bloom. At the moment, the Herbaceous Garden is a haven of yellow and orange perennial flowers, some of which are shown below including, knipfofia, anthemis (chamomile) and calceolaria.

perennials Anthemis Coreopsis calceolaria


2. The claret florescence of Leptospermum

Two of these stunning shrubs light up one edge of our Herbaceous Garden with their red/pink flowers. Pictured here is the variety 'Red damask', which creates a spectacularly fiery backdrop to our sculpture, Exbury House and the Herbaceous Garden.



3. The first hydrangea blooms of the summer

Usually known for late-summer flowering, these hydrangeas are a delightful pastel treat located on the gravel path towards Gilbury Bridge. These are the first hydrangeas we've spotted this year but as the summer carries more and more of their delicate flowers will be seen on this path.



4. The buzzing of bees and tree blossom

If you’re out and about in the gardens at the moment you’ll hear the hum of bees collecting pollen. They seem to particularly be enjoying this blossoming Indian horse chestnut tree (Aesculus indica) that’s directly opposite the Herbaceous Garden on the gravel path towards Gilbury Bridge.

Indian-horse-chestnut Indian-horse-chestnut.-2


5. The final flowering of peonies

Typically, May is the season to see peonies in their fluffy glory, which meant that many were sadly missed during lockdown. Thankfully, some are still flowering in our Herbaceous Garden (pictured) and in the Sundial Garden too. However, this next week or so may be your last chance to see these herbaceous types before they go over until next year.


All of these photos were taken on Tuesday 16th June by Exbury staff members.

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‘A truly fantastic day out. My wife and I were bowled over by the amazing spring colours of rhododendrons and azaleas and there was literally colour everywhere. There are beautiful areas to walk through as well as places to sit. We took a picnic in the hope of being able to sit by one of the ponds and were not disappointed – the reflections were as spectacular as the real thing! The next thing we want to do is return in the autumn to see the colours change as it must be beautiful’

David Parker, Christchurch

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