Tree Sponsorship and Memorial Bench scheme

 Terms and Conditions


Tree sponsorships and memorial benches at Exbury Gardens Ltd are subject to the following conditions. 

Tree sponsorship and memorial benches are donations to Exbury Gardens Ltd which you can purchase either at the Visitor Entrance, by telephone or via our website.

All orders for products are subject to availability and Exbury Gardens & Steam Railway reserves the right to refuse to supply to any individual or company.

When we have received your order we will contact you to obtain further information for your plaque.

Exbury Gardens & Steam Railway will only permit memorials to individuals.  Applications for memorials for historical events will not be considered.

Exbury Gardens & Steam Railway also reserves the right to amend or refuse the wording provided for plaques.

You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the details provided for your plaque. 

Tree sponsorship donations enable new trees to be planted in the gardens, but you are not purchasing or sponsoring an individual tree.  Your memorial plaque will be placed on a dedicated board located outside the Visitor Entrance.

The location of the memorial bench within the gardens is at the discretion of Exbury Gardens & Steam Railway.   We will advise you where the bench has been situated.

The bench remains the property of Exbury Gardens Ltd at all times.

The bench will remain accessible to the public during the Gardens opening times only and the bench is dedicated on the understanding that it is for the enjoyment of all who wish to use it.

Please do not decorate the bench.  Any decoration placed on or around the bench will be removed, as doing so goes against our conservation and sustainability aims.

Memorial benches will be made from teak, and treated prior to arrival with teak hardwood sealer.  We guarantee to maintain the bench for 10 years, any replacement after this time would be at the cost of the purchaser.

The plaques are made from brass, the bench plaques are 8” x 2” and the tree sponsorship plaques are 6” x 4”.

Full payment is required before your order is processed and is not refundable.

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