11th Oct 2023

This will involve clearing areas for planting, lifting herbaceous perennials cutting back our 22 miles of paths and many other jobs that go into keeping Exbury fantastic.

We have had a spectacular year in all our herbaceous gardens, the combination of warm wet weather has resulted in a huge amount of growth and endless flowers, these colourful areas of the garden continue to look amazing as we enjoy the early autumn sunshine.

As we enter October the elegant woodland gardens at Exbury fill up with russet, orange, red and yellow as our tree collection responds to the combination of warm days and cooler nights that trigger autumn colour, the Acers ( maples ) are the first to start showing vibrant reds, orange and yellows throughout the garden, these beautiful trees really set the scene for what is to come next as the other trees slowly follow suit.

Our unique collection of Nerines are also now flowering and are making a stunning display in the 5 arrows gallery, Nerines are a enigmatic genus of South African bulb with microscopic scales on the flowers which appear to glitter under light and make the most amazing house plant.

The wetter than average summer has also produce a great crop of mushrooms popping up around the gardens particularly in the wood chip mulch that we spread around out trees, this microbial activity in the soil helps trees to increase their access to nutrients and water and leads to a much healthier soil environment.