12th Sep 2023

September is by far my favourite month, with noticeably shorter nights, and generally softer light the elegant woodland garden at Exbury looks magnificent, we have been blessed with a much wetter than normal summer so the amount of  growth is fantastic, this wet weather also means that bud formation on all our spring favourites like the Rhododendrons is in overdrive promising a great spring show for 2024!

All our ornamental gardens like the Sundial Garden are also have a bonanza year, as all the exotic sub tropical perennials are feeling right at home and throwing out loads of flowers and luxuriant foliage, the combination of sunshine and showers had lead to one of the best displays in years and is well worth a visit, leading to a magnificent effect worthy of any Edwardian flower garden.

We are also busy as usual cutting down our wild flower areas and collecting the herbage in order to improve the meadow once the wild flowers have set seed. Another big job for us is hedge trimming all our ornamental yew hedges which get cut once a year which can take several weeks but looks beautiful and clean once completed.

If you are a keen gardener at home September is also a great time for taking cuttings, collecting seed lifting and dividing herbaceous plants and bulb planting making September one of the most enjoyable and busy months of the garden year.

swelling buds