9th Aug 2023

 With almost daily torrential showers giving the garden an almost jungle like atmosphere, our plant collection has appreciated this heady mix of high temperatures and rainfall particularly after last summer. Our new plantings of both native and ornamental trees have established really well, and the Rare Space Chelsea Garden has also settled in well and is looking fantastic.

Warm wet weather in summer also triggers bud formation in some of our most highly prized plants such as Rhododendrons and azaleas which means that we will almost certainly be in for a bumper show next spring. This climate has created ideal conditions for our hydrangea collection which is having one of the best years in living memory. With over 80 different varieties and hundreds of plants spread around the Garden there are plenty for visitors to explore and enjoy.

The Centenary Garden and herbaceous borders continue to look magnificent and promise to carry on  wowing visitors as the forecast improves and hopefully summer returns.