By Design artists' exhibition

7th Apr 2023 10:00 - 23rd Apr 2023
By Design is a collective of 12 talented textile artists working predominantly with quilt.
Their new exhibition, What’s the Score?, is an eclectic, colourful and unique collection which is free for visitors to the gardens. 
Known for their distinctive working method, each member of By Design creates two identical starter pieces in response to an agreed theme; one is completed by the same artist, and the second passes in turn to three other artists to extend and transform, before going back to the original artist to complete. The exhibition will showcase each pair of pieces side-by-side, inviting you to trace the journey of the group piece, contrasted with the work of the original artist.
By Design comprises Penny Bicknell, Susan Chapman, Kate Dowty, Mary Hewson, Maggie Jarman, Lyn Lambert, Janet McCullum, Grace Meijer, Hilary Richardson, Christine Restall, Lynne Seaman and Beverley Wood.
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