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Autumn Glories Blog - 2nd October 2017

kingfisherA kingfisher has been frequenting Top Pond. It sits in a tree on the island. Given the size of the carp in the lake you might wonder what it is eating. The fact is that kingfishers take a wide variety of prey including insects, spiders and centipedes. So it has no need to pitch itself against the giant fish in the pond, but can search for smaller prey (perhaps even fry) in the surroundings. It has also been seen on North Lake, which is on the route taken by the train.

autumn crocus (2)Autumn crocuses (Colchicum autumnale), also known as Naked Ladies because they appear long after their leaves have become dormant, are flowering in the long grass near Exbury House. A British native, they superficially resemble true crocuses but belong to a different family. One difference is that they have 6 stamens, whereas true crocuses have only 3. Lovely though they are it is best to bear in mind that all parts of the plant are extremely toxic.


earth starsparasolFungi are appearing in lots of places; the damp conditions and the amount of rain we have had seems to have favoured them, and it looks as if their season is starting early. I photogaphed (left) these collared earth stars, which look like a puffball in the centre surrounded by a ruff, on one of the flowerbeds  where bark mulch has been spread. They are often found in woodland. Their spores are released through a hole in the top of the central sac. They have no stem so sit directly on the earth. A commoner type is this parasol (right), which grows in well drained soil, often in grass.

‘A truly fantastic day out. My wife and I were bowled over by the amazing spring colours of rhododendrons and azaleas and there was literally colour everywhere. There are beautiful areas to walk through as well as places to sit. We took a picnic in the hope of being able to sit by one of the ponds and were not disappointed – the reflections were as spectacular as the real thing! The next thing we want to do is return in the autumn to see the colours change as it must be beautiful’

David Parker, Christchurch

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