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What to see at Exbury - 29th March

Every week the staff here at Exbury will be compiling their must-sees in the gardens, focusing on different areas or plants each week. We hope that you will be able to use this as a snappy guide when visiting and that our favourite viewpoints, blooms and garden features might become your favourites too.

Focus 29th March: magnolias, camellias, Daffodil Meadow, cherry blossoms and early-flowering rhododendrons

1. Vast collection of elegant magnolias

In almost all areas of the gardens there are stunning magnolias to be found flowering (or just about to) in and amongst our woodland. The magnolias in Exbury's collection that are flowering at the moment include: pink Magnolia x soulangeana, more commonly known as the Chinese Magnolia; white Magnolia kobus; Magnolia 'Milky Way' and Magnolia salicifolia, also known as the Anise Magnolia.

Pink magnolia | Magnolia Garden | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire Magnolia salicifolia | Anise Magnolia | Magnolia Garden | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire White magnolia | Magnolia Garden | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire

Interesting fact: It is thought that magnolias evolved to encourage pollination by beetles, as they came about before bees did.

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2. Fluffy cloud-like cherry blossoms

White cherry blossom tree | Prunus x yeodensis | Yoshino Sakura | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire

Apparently one of the earliest cherry blossom seasons since records began, this year Exbury's Prunus trees (cherry blossoms) are making a surprise show at the end of March. This astonishing specimen - which we believe is a fairly young Yoshino Cherry - is located opposite Daffodil Meadow and makes for a stunning spot to take photographs. Be sure not to miss them and book your tickets to visit very soon, as we're not sure how long the blossom will remain on the trees.

3. Charmingly floriferous camellias

With hundreds of camellia plants here at Exbury, some around 100 years old, there are so many beautiful flowers to be found! Exbury has two dedicated Camellia Walks (Old and New) just off Top pond, plus the Gilbury Lane Garden near to the Play Area, all blooming with camellias at the moment. Below are 3 of our favourites from New Camellia Walk. 

Light pink Camellia Japonica | Camellia Garden | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire White Camellia Japonica | Camellia Garden | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire Cerise pink Camellia Japonica | Camellia Garden | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire

If you are interested to know more about camellias, our Head Gardener Tom has created this excellent YouTube video all about camellias:

4. Swathes of yellow at Daffodil Meadow

2021 has been an exceptional year for daffodils all round and Daffodil Meadow does not disappoint at the moment, with a sea of happy yellow heads staring back at you as you look out across to the Beaulieu River. We've seen many people taking picnics in the meadow this week and it truly is an excellent spot to take a break and appreciate nature.

Daffodil Meadow | yellow daffodils | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire

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5. Rhododendrons

Exbury Gardens is world-famous for its rhododendron collection and these superb Rhododendron irroratum 'Polka dot' prove exactly why!

Rhododendron irroratum 'Polka dot' | Rhododendron Garden | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire

Rhododendrons are only just beginning to bloom and are cropping up all across the gardens. Here's a stunning white specimen of Rhododendron 'Our Kate', located by Top Pond.

White rhododendron | Rhododendron Garden | Exbury Gardens | New Forest, Hampshire

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‘A truly fantastic day out. My wife and I were bowled over by the amazing spring colours of rhododendrons and azaleas and there was literally colour everywhere. There are beautiful areas to walk through as well as places to sit. We took a picnic in the hope of being able to sit by one of the ponds and were not disappointed – the reflections were as spectacular as the real thing! The next thing we want to do is return in the autumn to see the colours change as it must be beautiful’

David Parker, Christchurch

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