Pond Dipping

13th Apr 2023

Exbury’s pond-dipping event on April 5 was blessed by fine weather. Led by BDS Outreach Officer, Lauren Kennedy, assisted by volunteers, a good array of pond life was netted and displayed on the tables, before being safely returned to the water. Damsel and dragonfly larvae, pond snails, caddisfly larvae, and various water bugs and beetles were all a source of interest to the 70 or so people, including many children, who came by. Three types of damselfly were found: Azure, Red-eyed and Blue-tailed. One small Emperor was the only dragonfly. No hawkers, chaser or darters but it might be too early in the season for them. Two different caddisfly larvae were very active, frequently emerging half-way from their protective casing and seeming to engage with each other.

Pond dipping