Lachenalia Exhibition

12th March – 3 April 2016

The UK’s pre-eminent collection of Lachenalias (the ‘leopard lily’) will be on display in the Five Arrows Gallery for visitors to enjoy when the gardens open. Lachenalias represent one of the fastest-growing collector plants in the country. The Genus is full of interest, with 133 (and counting!) species offering a variety of colour during the dull winter months. Their size makes them the ideal plant for a kitchen pot, windowsill or conservatory, and they have an exceptionally long flowering season. Exbury’s first Lachenalias will traditionally flower in October, and the last as late as May.

The Exbury Lachenalia Collection is ever-expanding, with visits to South Africa and collection of seed showing positive results some five years after planting. Donations from private enthusiasts are also a regular occurrence.  All the Lachenalias displayed at the exhibition are fully labelled, with visitors able to order bulbs if they would like to.  These are sent during the dormant summer months; July is generally recognised as the best month for planting.

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‘We recently had some friends from London to visit and were looking for something to entertain our young children for the day. We decided to give Exbury Gardens a try and I thought it was wonderful. We had Sunday lunch in the restaurant and the food was far superior to other local attractions so compliments to the chef. Walking through the gardens was beautiful with lots of little pathways to explore. I have lived in the Romsey area for many years and always thought Exbury was a little out of the way but it only took me 20 minutes from the motorway. We will definitely be a regular visitor from now on.’

Philip Moulds, New Forest

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