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The Rothschilds at Exbury

Founded by Mayer Amschel, a coin dealer in the ghetto of Frankfurt, the present dynasty of the Rothschild family, started by his five sons, spread throughout Europe in the 1800s. The name Rothschild derives from the German for “red shield” and was first adopted as a family surname in the late 1600s. The family’s coat of arms of five arrows, representing the five brothers, was granted in 1822 by the Austro-Hungarian empire with its motto “Concordia, Industria, Integritas,” which  means Harmony, Industriousness, Integrity, a slogan that has held it in good stead ever since.

Lionel de Rothschild had been very interested in horticulture from an early age. In 1919 he started to build Exbury Gardens: the result was to be one of the most ambitious enterprises of its kind to take place in the last century – the creation of a private woodland garden covering 250 acres. In the intervening years before his death in 1942, he assembled a celebrated collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, magnolias and other shrubs and trees.

The work Lionel started was continued, first by his sons Edmund and Leopold and now by subsequent generations, who have raised new Exbury hybrids, added new features and maintained the high standards of his great achievement.

Charlotte de Rothschild is an internationally renowned lyric soprano who specialises in Oratorio and the Art of Song. She sings in 18 languages and was hailed as a pioneer in Japan, being one of the first foreigners to have recorded a complete CD of Kakyoku. For more information , please visit her website and YouTube channel.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Exbury Gardens.

‘We recently had some friends from London to visit and were looking for something to entertain their 3 and our 2 young children for the day. We decided to give Exbury Gardens a try and I thought I would just write to thank your team so much for such a wonderful day. There was something for all ages and when the children are happy so are us parents! We had Sunday lunch in the restaurant and the food was far superior to other local attractions so compliments to the chef. We told the children that if they ate all their lunch they could have a ride on the train and I haven’t seen 5 kids eat with so much enthusiasm for a very long time! Walking through the gardens was beautiful with lots of little pathways to explore. The children could not believe the size of the fish in the lake and it was a thoroughly fantastic day out for all ages. I have lived in the Romsey area for many years and always thought Exbury was a little out of the way but it only took me 20 minutes from the motorway and Beaulieu was only 5 minutes away so we went to see the donkeys on the way home! We will definitely be a regular visitor from now on.’

Philip Moulds, New Forest

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